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Which deep sea fishing trip adventure is right for you?

Blue Water Options
Texas Offshore Adventures, LLC. offers several options when it comes to blue
water fishing. We will be happy to help you make the best possible decision
about which trip will yield the best possible results during a certain time frame.
Our goal is to provide the best and most successful trip for you, our Guest.

Full Day Blue Water Trips
Due to our close proximity to deep water, Freeport is one of the few places on
the upper Texas Coast you have a chance to catch Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi,
Kingfish, Cobia, Amberjack and even Billfish all in the same day. We run our
blue water day trips everyday of the year and achieve great success on them,
frequently filling fish boxes before the day is up. Our primary methods of fishing
on these trips change seasonally and consist of live bait fishing, chunking,
casting top water plugs and trolling.

Overnight Tuna Trips
We generally leave the dock in the mid afternoon and return late the following
morning. We normally are heading out to the big Spar and Floating rigs 100+
miles offshore.  We spend the entire night fishing for tuna, not something for the
faint of heart.  While tuna is our primary query we’ll also catch Amberjack,
Wahoo, Kingfish, Snapper, Grouper, Mahi Mahi, and Ling.  Our primary
methods of fishing are live baiting, chunking, casting top water plugs and

Offshore Options
Bottom Fishing
Once again, due to Freeport’s proximity to deep water, we enjoy some
spectacular bottom fishing. We routinely fish for trophy Red snapper, Mangrove
snapper, big Grouper, Amberjack and Ling. We usually pick up other assorted
species along the way as well. We leave the dock at safe light and return in the
mid to late afternoon

Near Shore Options
Bull Redfish, Shark and Tarpon Trips        
The Jetties and Beachfront of Freeport hold Red fish of Epic proportions. We
regularly see days where we catch double digit numbers of redfish over 35
pounds. These fish provide a huge challenge on light tackle. The best part is
that these fish are here year round. We do choose to release most of the bull
reds and hope that you choose to do so as well. We are looking forward to a
dynamic fishery for many years to come.  We leave the dock around 8AM and return at 3PM.
Traditional Inshore Trips
Texas Offshore Adventures works very closely with several of the most
talented inshore Captains in the area and would be happy to set up a day of
inshore fishing for you. We will only book you with talented and courteous
Captains. You will fish out of a 22-24 foot bay boat and be furnished with high
quality tackle. The boats fish up to four anglers and several boats are available.
The trips leave at first light and return 4-6 hours later. You can expect to catch
Speckled Trout, Redfish, and Flounder.

Call 832-250-9484 or
email today to discuss which adventures suit your needs!


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